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Venus Williams Vegan: Wins Wimbeldon 2012

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venus goes vegan

Venus Williams Vegan Tennis star Venus Williams has gone vegan. “Venus Williams Vegan” is hard for for some to understand. Some people associate meat and dairy with athleticism. But the truth is that meat and dairy are linked to inflammation. After being diagnosed with Sjogren’s syndrome last fall, Williams decided to become a raw vegan. […]

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Lance Armstrong Goes Vegan Twice a Day

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Lance Armstrong Goes Vegan Training for an Iron Man triathlon, Lance Armstrong goes vegan twice a day.  He has experienced much more consistent energy levels as a result.  Armstrong has been training with Rip Esselstyn, son of Caldwell Esseltyn, MD, from Forks Over Knives fame.  Lance Armstrong is borrowing from Rip, by using the Engine […]

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Mike Tyson Is Vegan After His Wife Lost Weight

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Mike Tyson is vegan not only because he abhors the unethical treatment of animals, but also because he realizes the health benefits of being vegan. After his wife lost weight from a vegan diet, former heavyweight boxier, Mike Tyson, adopted a vegan lifestyle and has not looked back.  He is one of many celebs going […]

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