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Eating Vegan Means Eating More, Not Less

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tofu vegan kebab

Eating Vegan Means Eating More, Not Less Eating Vegan means that you can eat more food than you’re used too, and still lose weight. This is because eating vegan allows you to cut out a lot of saturated fats from animal sources.  Eating a true, plant-based diet also means that you avoid processed carbs, like […]

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Creatively Plan Your Vegan Diet with These Foods

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Porridge with berries (1)

The key to becoming a vegan and maintaining a vegan diet is to creatively plan your diet around foods that are good for you: Breakfast: Oatmeal – Add fruit to really get your energy levels going. Quinoa or Wheat berries –  Getting cereal in its natural, berry form gives you the most vitamins and antioxidants. […]

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Becoming A Vegan

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Becoming a vegan is an important choice that may stem from ethical and moral decisions, food allergies to animal products, or a simple desire to be more healthy. The important thing to remember is that becoming a vegan significantly improves your health and reduces risk of disease. Grounding your diet in fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, […]

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