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‘Organic’ Corporations Fighting the Organic Movement

By   /  August 22, 2012  /  Uncategorized  /  2 Comments

gmo corporations prop 37

Many ‘Organic’ Corporations Fighting the Organic Movement Many ‘organic’ corporations that should be in support of the organic movement are actually fighting against it. Proposition 37, in California, mandates that companies have to disclose whether or not they use genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) in their products. Big corporations are afraid that if this law passes […]

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Monsanto Challenging Vermont’s GMO Bill

By   /  April 19, 2012  /  Uncategorized  /  3 Comments


Monsanto, the company known for genetically engineering crops to be “Roundup Ready” and producer of 90% of the world’s genetically modified (GMO) soybeans is challenging Vermont’s GMO bill.  Monsanto has stated that it will challenge any bill that tries to get GMO labeling on its products.  Monsanto has become the world’s number one GMO seed […]

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Arsenic and Other Drugs Being Fed to Our Chickens

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    Studies have found that factory farms are routinely adding arsenic, caffeine, Prozac, Tylenol, Benadryl, and other drugs to chicken’s diets.  Keeve E. Nachman of Johns Hopkins University Center for a Livable Future was amazed at the results of the study.  Since factory farms don’t have to disclose what they feed the animals they […]

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