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Why Vegans Eat Mushrooms

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Why Vegans Eat Mushrooms

Vegans eat Mushrooms because they are high in mineral content. Mushrooms are sometimes misclassifed as vegetables, but they are actually a fungus. Although some object to eating living fungi, most vegans agree that mushrooms are OK to eat.

We are separated by 1 billion years of evolution from fungi. Most importantly, mushrooms and other fungi have no central nervous system.

vegans eat mushrooms

Importance of Mushrooms

Mushrooms are important, as part of a vegan diet, because they:

  • Make you feel full, on very few calories
  • High in Minerals: Phosphorus, Niacin, Potassium, Copper, and Selenium
  • High in Vitamin D (If grown in the right light)

Being high in Potassium, mushrooms nourish your body with electrolytes. Potassium helps your muscles function properly, aids in heart function, and metabolizes carbohydrates.

Niacin helps your body’s digestive system, skin, and brain function properly. Since your body doesn’t really store Niacin, it is important to consume it on a daily basis.

Portobello/Portobella Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms are part of the cremini family of mushrooms. Portobellos are a nice variety of mushrooms because they:

  • Are High in Riboflavin (34% DV) and Niacin (36% DV) per serving.

Aim for Portobello/Portobella Mushrooms that are labeled as being high in Vitamin D. Not all mushrooms have Vitamin D, so you have to make sure they were grown in the proper light. Vitamin D is very important for bone and joint health, weight loss, and your mood.


Portobello Mushrooms

Get the recipe for Vegan Portobello Mushrooms here.

Shitake Mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms are a variety that is great for soups, sautes, or even as a pizza topping. They have a meaty texture. A serving is generally 5 Shitake mushrooms.

Shitake are a nice variety of mushrooms because they:

  • Are High in Riboflavin (16-19% DV) and Selenium (10% DV) per serving.

Not getting enough selenium hurts your immune system. Selenium helps your muscles, nerves, and blood vessels work properly.

shitake mushrooms

Shitake mushrooms

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